IS/IT Project Manager (IPM)


Professional who plans, manages and closes ICT projects using project management methodologies in order to achieve the agreed commitments regarding quality, schedule and costs

Competences developed

  • Ability to plan and manage projects in the ICT environment
  • Efficient and high-standard communication (written and spoken) within a professional environment
  • Ability to innovate and generate new ideas
  • Ability to evaluate technological solutions and develop project proposals based on the available resources, the possible alternatives and the circumstances of the environment
  • Ability to perform work according to the code of ethics and the legal aspects of the ICT environment
  • Leadership and teamwork ability
  • Ability to update his/her professional skills to adapt to technological innovations and new ICT environments
  • Ability to identify the characteristics of different types of organisations and the role of ICT in the organisation
  • Ability to abstract a problem to the appropriate level in order to analyse and resolve it by using suitable skills and knowledge

Activities performed

  • Managed projects in the ICT environment
  • Drew up project charters as a product of the preliminary tasks
  • Applied suitable methods to define and manage the scope, schedule, costs, risk, integration, organisation and communication of a project
  • Drew up the stakeholder maps, organisational charts, as well as role and responsibility matrixes of a project from the human resources perspective of project management
  • Drew up project plans for the execution of projects
  • Managed the execution of the planned projects
  • Drew up reports of project progress to supervise the execution, especially in terms of controlling changes which affect the defined quality, costs or schedule
  • Drew up evaluations and project or project stage closure documents
  • Used the common project management tools
  • Identified and applied the most suitable methodology or adaptation of a methodology for each project