DataBase Developer (DBD)


Professional who designs and implements the databases of a software product

Competences developed

  • Ability to apply specific techniques of data processing, storage and administration
  • Ability to propose and evaluate different technological alternatives in order to solve a specific data management problem
  • Ability to work in a team

Activities performed

  • Appropriately carried out the stages of the database design process to obtain an efficient and high quality implementation
  • Applied the foundations of conceptual database design to appropriately represent the data models of the application with UML or ER diagrams based on the agreed requirements
  • Transformed the conceptual model of a DB design into a relational model in order to determine a normalized and relational logical design for DB building, according to the standards, and performed design and building with non-relational models
  • Appropriately interpreted and evaluated the physical structure for data storage of different DBMS
  • Adapted the logical design of a DB to a physical design for a specific DBMS
  • Determined the necessary and suitable indexes of the DB tables to improve the performance of the applications which use the DB
  • Used the mechanisms for query processing and optimisation of a DBMS
  • Used the views as external design elements to improve the global design of the DB
  • Appropriately interpreted the security mechanisms of a DBMS
  • Fluently used SQL language, programming connectors, database design and development tools, and also used other languages for DB building