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Secure Verification Code (SVC)

This is the web platform of the CEPRAL service of COETIC. Please visit to access all the other services and information of COETIC.


COETIC provides the CEPRAL service in order to allow interested people to certify their work experience in computer engineering activities. The main goal of these certifications is to facilitate access to better jobs and academic recognition by demonstrating one's work experience.
The service is primarily aimed at professionals with an academic background who have gone on to work in their field of study afterwards. Nevertheless, the service is also open to those computer engineering professionals who do not have an academic background or students who are currently pursuing education.
The reasons for also offering this service to people without a university degree are the relatively new nature of this engineering discipline and the high demand for these professionals over the last two decades. These factors contributed to the fact that many people started working in this field without having the desirable academic background, common in other disciplines.
Computer engineers without an academic background can acquire knowledge through professional practice, although it is not the recommended way and requires much more effort and certain limitations exist. Therefore, COETIC recognizes this fact and offers the CEPRAL service to all computer engineering professionals who demonstrate their work experience in profiles of the computer engineering field.
In pursuit of its mission to structure computer engineering professions, COETIC hopes that these certifications will bring professional or academical benefits to the computer engineers who have sufficient demonstrable work experience.