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The platform of the CEPRAL service of COETIC uses proprietary and third-party cookies when you navigate this website. This technology enables the server of the website to send some pieces of information (cookies) to the user's browser and collect them at a later time. The cookies allow to distinguish the users and to improve the service and user experience.

The cookies that are used on the platform of the CEPRAL service of COETIC are associated only with the browser employed by the device that the user uses to navigate the website. The same cookies are used for anonymous and authenticated users, and they do not provide any personal data of the user by themselves.

The cookies are only used for the purposes of aggregated analysis of the usage and the correct functional provision of the service, specifically for navigation and session management. The following cookies are used by the platform:

Under no circumstances is the content of other cookies created and saved by other service providers or websites accessed.

The user has the possibility to restrict, block or remove the cookies of this website in his browser configuration. This does not prevent navigation within the platform of the CEPRAL service of COETIC, although user experience will be affected to a certain degree, especially in the private section. To obtain information about configuring cookies in your browser, you need to access the information provided by the developer of the browser you use.