Information systems Analyst and Designer (IAD)


Professional who carries out the tasks of analysing and designing medium- or large-scale software applications taking into account software engineering criteria, working individually or as part of a team

Competences developed

  • Application of specific software engineering techniques during the analysis and design stages of a software development project
  • Ability to apply specific techniques of data processing, storage and administration
  • Ability to propose and evaluate different object-oriented analysis and design alternatives to solve a software application case

Activities performed

  • Appropriately applied and contextualized the principles of software engineering, especially those related to application analysis and design, using one or more building methods
  • Conceptualized and understood the applications in terms of object-orientation
  • Knew the effects of the object-oriented paradigm on other fields of computer science and the reasons for the efficiency and quality advantages it offers due to its high degree of reuse, as well as the requirements needed to achieve these
  • Appropriately identified and selected the requirements of a development project
  • Drew up the use cases of the requirements analysis for a development project
  • Drew up the UML analysis and design diagrams of object-oriented applications
  • Modelled the domain of an application with UML diagrams
  • Appropriately documented the requirements, analysis and design of a software development project according to the agreed standards and specifications
  • Defined acceptance tests to ensure the quality of the produced programmes and their compliance with the project requirements
  • Carried out the tasks of analysing and designing corrective and evolutionary software maintenance