User eXperience Analyst (UXA)


Professional who analyses and designs the user interaction and accessibility for desktop and web applications

Competences developed

  • Ability to plan and manage interaction and usability of projects in an ICT environment
  • Ability to design and build the interaction and use interfaces of software applications using development, integration and reuse techniques
  • Efficient and high-standard communication (written and spoken) within a professional environment
  • Ability to innovate and generate new ideas
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to update his/her professional skills to adapt to technological innovations and new ICT environments
  • Ability to apply specific software engineering techniques during the different stages of the project life cycle

Activities performed

  • Applied the human, technological, analytical and design aspects of the foundations of human-computer interaction to the projects
  • Built user-centred interfaces based on the different stages of development and the inherent iterative process
  • Applied suitable methods to collect user information and requirements regarding the interfaces
  • Applied the foundations and methods of human-computer interaction to the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation stages of the development of interactive systems and desktop and web applications
  • Used interface prototyping techniques and tools
  • Used suitable techniques for quality inspection and evaluation of the user interfaces of a software development
  • Evaluated the web accessibility
  • Rigorously applied the appropriate standards and specifications in terms of interaction, accessibility and usability to the projects
  • Applied basic programming techniques and fluently used HTML and CSS markup languages
  • Drew up the necessary documentation to publish the user guides, and took part in designing and/or holding training courses for the users of the developed system