DataBase Administrator (DBA)


Professional who manages and uses the database management systems of an organisation

Competences developed

  • Ability to apply specific techniques of data processing, storage and administration
  • Ability to propose and evaluate different technological alternatives in order to solve a specific data management problem
  • Ability to work in a team

Activities performed

  • Appropriately applied the basic terms of data management (attribute, key, entity, etc.)
  • Used the architecture and functionalities of a DBMS in an appropriate way
  • Interpreted the architecture of the building of a complex database
  • Efficiently performed queries and updates in a DBMS by using standard SQL with specific DBMS management tools
  • Developed and maintained complex query and update transactions in a DBMS
  • Identified and resolved issues due to user concurrency in a DB
  • Correctly applied ODBC and/or JDBC mechanisms in order to implement applications which operate with relational databases
  • Evaluated and chose the DBMS which is most suitable for the needs of an organisation from the economic and functional point of view, especially regarding the choice between relational or non-relational types
  • Installed and integrated the DBMS into the information systems of an organisation in an optimal way, including determination of the hardware location and the required communications, as well as integrity mechanisms through design and execution of a backup plan
  • Defined and managed the policies for accessing the DBMS of an organisation, ensured the security of the DBMS and its databases, as well as established and applied suitable backup and recovery policies to ensure the integrity and availability of the stored data