Computer Network Administrator (CNA)


Professional who carries out the task of managing the computer network of an organisation, working individually or as part of a team

Competences developed

  • Ability to identify the structural elements and working principles of a computer network of an organisation
  • Ability to analyse the architecture and organisation of the operating systems and the applications of a computer network
  • Ability to manage the operating systems and communications in a computer network
  • Ability to propose and evaluate different technological alternatives in order to solve a specific problem with a computer network

Activities performed

  • Established criteria to create and maintain a computer network which is well integrated into and communicated to the organisation and its users
  • Took advantage of the capacities of different operating systems and the opportunities to interconnect them
  • Made appropriate use of communication systems to achieve and ensure good network performance
  • Extracted and analysed the information from different monitoring, control and network management tools
  • Verified the users' needs and vision of the computer network
  • Used methods to integrate software in an organisation
  • Performed administrative actions to ensure and improve network security
  • Identified the legal sphere of the users and administrators for data protection matters
  • Took the corresponding actions, according to the security regulations of the organisation, when the integrity of the information hosted in the managed computer network was at risk
  • Planned and managed the life cycles of the elements of a computer network